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Why Do We Need Enterprise Social Network?

Enterprise Social NEtwork

In most enterprises, co-workers communicate through the standard website, e-mail, instant messaging and web-conference applications. At the end of the day, all these applications are trying to do is to get the organisation’s message across to customers, partners and employees.

What many organisations lack

As our enterprises grow in size, it is inevitable that co-workers find it challenging to efficiently connect and collaborate with one another. In a growing enterprise that seeks expansion and active partnerships, co-workers must be encouraged to collaborate and share resources and ideas with one another.

When Facebook revolutionised the way people communicate online, the world realised how quickly and efficiently technology could connect people. It became the doorway to a world where communication knows no boundaries both internally and externally. The business world identified this and saw that it would benefit businesses greatly to incorporate such a system in their organisations.

Enter Enterprise Social Network (ESN)

An incredibly useful platform to align everyone within an organisation to be on the same page, ESN encourages communication, collaboration and resource exchanges within the workplace and even with other enterprises in different timezones. In our modern world where technology has become the key to quick and easy communication, ESN is our answer to the lack of fluidity and inability to quickly identify growth potentials within our enterprises.

How can employees benefit from ESN

Employees can get to know what the latest events happening in the enterprise are - not only within the department that they sit in but also in other departments. They can be updated on upcoming events that are happening in the organisation. For example, any sort of trainings that are coming up can be easily communicated with staff through the ESN platform.

Employees can enjoy a personalised workspace where collaborations can take place. They can also simultaneously manage their profiles, shared content and discussions with people. Managing content on the cloud, provides employees with the ability of accessing the network space from anywhere without having the whole mechanism of uploading and downloading content in order to share.

Giridhar Nayak is one of the founders of sambaash. Together with his team, Giri recognised the need to enable meaningful conversations within on-line communities in order to leverage from collective wisdom and generate collaborative economy opportunties. He is an experienced innovator in the IT sector; having envisioned, conceptualised, architected and developed innovative large scale enterprise systems focussing on customer needs and transaction management in Financial Services. As a leader who believes that the journey is as important as the destination, Giri’s vision is not one directional and seeks to enrich all team members’ involved in this journey with different perspectives.

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