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Intelligent interventions, interactions & learning analytics to enhance learning outcomes

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OmniMentor is a unique solution that scales up blended learning pedagogy. This “Virtual Mentor” AI application creates a collaborative real-time platform for Learning Facilitators, Instructors, Mentors, Learning Designers, Program Managers, and Employers to facilitate a focussed & personalised learning journey for Learners.

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OmniMentor For Learning

OmniMentor can be the game changer for mentors and learners. Find out more about how the power of OmniMentor is utilised in their learning journey below.

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Learn how OmniMentor help teachers seamlessly handle different cohorts and gain insightful analytics.

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Student Demo

Learn how OmniMentor help students improve their learning journey through timely interventions.

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With time, blended learning has become more effective today than ever by combining online, self-paced e-learning with flipped classroom-based mentoring. However, it calls for the learners to stay motivated and targeted on the learning journey, while there is a need for the mentor to assess, mentor, teach as well as facilitate learning for her learners.

Keeping the cohort on track for the “learning journey” takes away time from the mentor into mundane learning journey tracking & facilitation activities. This creates an impediment in scaling of the simultaneous cohorts that a mentor can handle at a given time.

Furthermore, learners lack an easy to comprehend learning facilitation that can be received anytime, anywhere.


Saves time: The above issues are both daunting and overwhelming. But OmniMentor solves these challenges by utilizing AI models & machine learning techniques to provide real-time learning facilitation and mentoring, thereby enhancing learning outcomes and scaling up the blended learning pedagogy.

Quicker Return on Investment (ROI): OmniMentor enhances the productivity of mentors by automating learning facilitation and increases the ROI by letting mentors manage more cohorts simultaneously. For employers too, it helps in the supervision and skills transformation of employees on a real-time basis.

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The OmniMentor Platform

Seamless realtime engagement

Learning journey facilitation

Intelligent assessment

Personalized learning advice

Performance dashboard

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Seamless Personalised Mentorship & Facilitation

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Comprehensive learning facilitation is a prerequisite for any learner as this will help the learner to monitor their learning progress and measure their advancement. With increased digitization, the integration of real-time learner journey with every consumed course to gather data for analysis becomes imperative.

Paying keen attention to each of these details, OmniMentor provides a learner-centric approach with key-value features like:

a) Scaled Blended Learning : OmniMentor provides real-time virtual mentoring.

b) Insight management : It gives a comprehensive insight into the progress, preparation, and learning of the learner.

c) Intelligent Learning Process : OmniMentor is an AI-powered operational system that has special features- Predictive & Recommender engine and Real-time interactive capability.

d) Learning Management Analytics : It lets you learn, assess, and measure individual progress of a course across several cohorts while also enabling the Learning Facilitators to assess the learning and reviewing of each course.

e) Course Management : It provides insights into curriculum design, assessment, and learner profiling.

f) Integration with sub-systems : In order to provide real-time insights, interaction, and intervention, OmniMentor integrates three major systems - Learning Management System (LMS), Student Management System (SMS), and Financial systems.

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OmniMentor : Key Benefits


  • Personalized learning journey
  • Receive timely intervention
  • Stay “on-track” with remedial actions


  • AI-virtualized & personalised mentorship
  • Assessing & interacting real-time
  • Predictive analytics that aids precise learning assistance


  • Assess & assist cohort intelligently
  • Productively & efficiently manage cohorts
  • Redesign course based on 360° learning insights


  • Customized learning journey management
  • Active involvement in shaping learning outcome

Program Managers/ Course Coordinators

  • Keep a tab on cohort progression and analytics
  • Designing courses effectively to make it easy for learners to learn
  • Govern successful results and milestones for learners

Learning designers/ Course designers

  • Seamless data insights to design better curriculum

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