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Omni-Channel Commerce - OmniCom

Marketing, Sales, and Enterprise Commerce Working Together Seamlessly With a Singular Focus – Customer Centricity

The OmniCom Digital Business Transformation Platform enables companies to align and empower all functions to focus on the customer across channels – Web, Mobile, Phone, and Offline.

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Digital Transformation Challenges

Digital transformation initiatives often fail as they take the traditional ‘Inside-Out’ approach that is focussed internally on a company’s existing siloed and disjointed processes. This magnifies the disconnect amongst teams and contributes to inconsistent customer experience.

Technology overheads skyrocket while the leadership is unable to monitor business performance in real-time.

Customer Centricity - Key to Digital Transformation

OmniCom enables a customer-focused “Outside-In” approach that drives transformation across all functions in a unified manner (driven by proven, home-grown Sambaash Best Practices). The outcome is a consistent customer experience & messaging across all functions and channels powered by an integrated and seamless system with real-time insights to monitor business performance.

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The OmniCom Platform

Always “ON” Sales & Marketing

Persona based Customer Journey

Intuitive Leads & Pipeline Management

Uber-ised Customer-to-Sales Connect

360° Customer View across Teams

Automated Workflows & Paper-Free Processes

Real-time Business Performance Monitoring

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Customer Centric Digital Hub

Customers expect a singularly satisfying, consistent and integrated experience across all touchpoints that a brand offers - whether speaking to a telemarketing person about the product features, going through a web-based product demo by the salesperson, transacting on the brand’s online marketplace, or chatting with the support team for a query. The perception towards the brand, customer connect and loyalty are based on the end-to-end customer journey.

OmniCom provides companies with a customer centric digital hub that enables all business functions to serve the customer in an integrated fashion, while giving the customer the ability to interact with the relevant function when and where required.

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OmniCom - Key Benefits Across Sales, Marketing & Enterprise Commerce


  • Persona Based Marketing Campaigns
  • Persona Based Customer Journey Flows
  • Generation of Qualified Leads
  • Single Hub for Inbound & Outbound Lead Mgt.
  • SEO-Friendly Content Generation
  • Integrated Content Marketing & Cross-Team Content Management
  • Intuitive Campaign & EDM Engine
  • Quick and Easy Mini-site Launch
  • Engagement & RoI Measurement through In-Depth Analytics
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics


  • Nurture Leads Progressively
  • Visual Pipeline & Analytics for Sales Forecasting
  • Individual & Corporate Contact Management for Personalised Communications
  • Drive Opportunities and Track to Closure
  • Foster Customer Relationships
  • Pipeline Analytics
  • Sales Team Analytics

Product Team

  • Seamless Product Definition, Cataloguing & Content Development
  • Advanced Search to Ensure Relevant Product Results
  • Automated Country & Region Specific Info & Rates
  • Intuitive Product Subscription & Purchase
  • Product Analytics


  • Omni-channel & 24 X 7 Access
  • Consistent Experience
  • Personalized Journey
  • Access to Detailed Records


  • Receive Real-time Business Performance Insights
  • Monitor Sales, Marketing, & Product Performance Insights
  • Real-time Company Insights
  • KPI Metrics Dashboard


  • Automated & Customizable Order Fulfilment Cycle
  • Automated eContract, eSigning, & ePayment
  • Customer Enrolment
  • Order-book Management
  • Fully Automated Front-Mid-office Ops
  • Paperless Office
  • Order Analytics

IT Team

  • Easy Administration & Secure System
  • Comprehensive Document Library
  • Company-specific Roles & Privileges
  • Automated & Fool-proof Audit Trail
  • Fully Customisable Process, Workflow and Forms
  • Fully Automated Front-Mid-Back-office Ops
  • Secure and Scalable
  • Usage Analytics

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