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A seamlessly integrated modular platform to transform your education organization into an EdTech

• Unified Learner Journey and Experience
• Online-to-Offline Omnichannel Engagement
• Front-to-Backend Straight-through Processing

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Most educational institutions and corporates lack a seamless way to manage operations & pedagogy in a unified manner which leads to a lack of single view of the learner across admissions, operations, finance, learning journey, and outcome. This essentially indicates multiple fragmented and siloed systems which limit the growth and scalability.

Learner’s inaccessibility to learning mechanisms at a low cost has always been viewed as a grave concern in the context of education. Re-skilling and upskilling of employees for the corporate world as well as the need to unlearn and relearn new things in working environments needs to be focussed upon.


ECLAIRS is a plug-n-play cloud-based solution for the learning business transformation with its modular solutions which integrate seamlessly. It helps the learner’s journey from learner’s acquisition and recruitment through integrated digital marketing, providing easy management of learning operations and supports learners with blended learning pedagogy and hyper-personalized learning facilitation to achieve learning outcomes.

It is enhanced with multi-tenanted learning administration capabilities and supports a 360 degree view of talents based on AI-driven competency skills management with mapping, matching, interests, proficiency, and career goals. In all, it is a complete solution from learner’s acquisition to learner’s talent management and beyond!

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(Marketing, Sales, and Recruitment)

(Learning Administration)

(Digital Campus)

(AI Facilitation)

(Skill-based life-long learning)

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Competency Learning as a Service (CLaaS)

ECLAIRS places the learner at the centre of every process while helping institutions to solve all woes of admissions, operations, administration, journey as well as talent management.

a) OmniCom enables learner acquisition & recruitment through learner-centric omni-channel digital marketing & sales.

b) OmniEdu digitizes the business operations of managing exams, courses, conferences, and financial aspects of the education business to deliver a seamless learning administration.

c) OmniLearn provides an integrated blended learning solution for a learner while enabling a seamless offline to an online learning pathway.

d) OmniMentor hyper-personalises learning facilitation to enhance learning outcomes through the use of AI & machine learning.

e) OmniTalent is an AI-powered talents analytics repository which delivers actionable hyper-personalized recommendations that are in alignment with the skills framework for course planning, learning pathway, and career exploration for a learner.

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ECLAIRS: Key Benefits


  • Learner-centric omni-channel digital marketing & sales.
  • Sales-driven admission & acquisition process.
  • Automates contract management.
  • Handles flexible payment & collection functions.


  • Education Operation Management ERP product.
  • Straight-through processing of front-to-back office business operations.
  • Supports management functions for candidates, invigilators & corporates.
  • Provides comprehensive learner administration.


  • Helps to plan the courses to develop competencies along a learning pathway.
  • Auto-identifies the skill-gaps of the learner.
  • Suggests the learning pathway for competency skills upgrade & skill application.
  • Tracks the utilization of the competency skills on the job.


  • A unified and integrated learning journey
  • Easy accessibility to quality education
  • Seamless and integrated learning path
  • 24*7 virtualized mentor
  • Assessments and progress measurement anytime, anywhere


  • Provides real-time hyper-personalized learning facilitation and mentoring.
  • Utilizes AI- models & machine learning techniques.
  • Enhances learning outcomes.
  • Scales up learning pedagogy.
  • Provides insights to analyze learning patterns & behaviors.


  • A complete digital campus solution.
  • Blends instructor-led and self-paced learning together.
  • Delivers a blended mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • Enables e-learning through a myriad of content types.
  • Tracks content consumption and measures progress through a micro-level grading assessment.

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A seamlessly integrated modular platform to transform into an EdTech.

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