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A comprehensive ERP to digitize all aspects of education operations

OmniEdu ERP helps in the digital transformation of front-, mid- & -back office business operations of managing the programmes, enrollments, examinations, conferences, invigilations, and finance aspects of the education sector to deliver a seamless learning administration.

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  • Education Institutions lack an easy way to
  • Manage digitized operations across different touch points of learning administration
  • Facilitate large-scale courses & examinations for different exam bodies
  • Organize conferences in different formats (physical / virtual / hybrid*)
  • Have flexibility in defining pricing schemes across schedules, corporates / individuals and payment processors

  • Learners lack an easy way to
  • Keep track of her learning administration & progression path
  • Traverse through her learning journey touch-points to take action


The aim of any ERP product is to help with information management. That is exactly what OmniEdu ERP envisions to do!

  • OmniEdu ERP helps educational institutions transform through :
  • Enterprise-wide integration to streamline the processes to improve productivity and insights across admissions, enrolment, candidate & practical experience management.
  • Aiding in conducting courses*, examinations, invigilations & certifications seamlessly.
  • Economical & scalable multi-tenancy cloud infrastructure while ensuring secure storage and management of all data.

  • For Learners, OmniEdu ERP helps to have :
  • Consolidated 360° view of learner’s profile & learning progression.
  • A single portal to manage all applications, requests and payments.

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The OmniEdu ERP Platform

Programmes & Enrollment

Individual & Corporate / ATO Profile

Schedule, Pricing & Payment


Exams & Invigilations

Courses* & Conferences

Finance (Billing & Collections)

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User-centric Digital Operations Hub

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OmniEdu ERP delivers a centralized & seamless view of essential education business, operations and finance data. This is achieved through the modular design architecture principles and stitched as process flows to scale as per the institution’s dynamic needs. It offers extensive reporting capabilities to enable business users to make informed decisions.

This solution enables the capability to process candidate & student information across several exam bodies, course providers and hybrid conferences in a multi-tenancy infrastructure, along with the ability to selectively white-label certain learner (end-user) facing operations. It also enables the multi-part rules based enrolment flows across individual and corporate sponsored billing & collections.

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OmniEdu ERP - Key benefits


  • Seamless experience of enrollment across exams, courses*, conferences & certification
  • Consolidated 360° view of learner’s profile & progress
  • Convenient digital payment options

IT Admin

  • Integrated system to manage front, mid and back-office functions
  • Secure & extensible multi-tenancy SaaS platform
  • Comprehensive form, rules and process engines for self configuration & management

Finance Manager

  • Highly configurable pricing model
  • Individual & Corporate billing & collections
  • E-Invoicing & multiple online/offline payment modes across multiple payment processors
  • Exhaustive financial reports

Courses, Exams & Conference Manager

  • Plan & manage programme / subjects* enrolments, exams, courses* & conferences
  • Define pre-qualification criteria and rules across the business ops
  • Manage cohorts & keep track of end-end learning journey
  • Manage the accounts of individuals & organizations

Operations Manager

  • Automated operations support
  • Schedule & facilitate exams, invigilations, evaluations, results & conferences
  • Manage exam related functions (deferment, withdrawals and special requests)


  • Seamless experience - interest, invigilation, claims & payments
  • Easy management of invigilation appointments & schedule
  • Seamless Opt-in and Opt-out feature

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