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Innovation Acceleration Platform - IAP

Sustain, Accelerate and Scale: Internal Teams and External Start-ups, collaborating harmoniously for disruptive innovation

The IAP enables enterprises to leverage open innovation to address their business and go-to-market challenges, by engaging and collaborating with start-ups around the world.

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Open Innovation Challenges

Enterprises globally are looking to embrace Open Innovation by harnessing the expertise, innovation and speed of Start-ups to gain market leadership. However, open innovation programs are unable to scale due to the lack of an automated seamless system that helps in scouting, attracting, qualifying and collaborating with Start-ups effectively.

Companies continue to use disjointed systems like email and spreadsheets that makes it difficult for teams across functions and geographies to work cohesively to articulate the challenges, find the right Start-ups and work with them in a productive manner, while the leadership is unable to measure performance and value of such programs.

Also, Start-ups find it intimidating and counter-productive to work in Open Innovation programs with large enterprises, if simplified processes are not implemented.

Outcome Based Intuitive Collaboration - Key to Innovation

IAP is an innovation-focused digital hub that transforms open innovation initiatives into an intuitive collaborative process for internal and external stakeholder groups (driven by proven, home-grown Sambaash Best Practices) . The outcome is a well-orchestrated, constantly running open innovation engine that facilitates relevant stakeholders across the challenge-apply-pitch-pilot-scale process to ensure successful innovation with real-time insights to monitor the performance of each start-up.

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The Innovation Acceleration Platform

Automated Process across Challenge-Apply-Pitch-Pilot-Scale

Startup & Partnership Management

Business Driven Definition of Challenges

Startup Blackbook Directory

Centralised Know-how Repository

Automated Workflows & Paper-Free Processes

Real-time Business Performance Monitoring

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Innovation Centric Digital Hub

The success of collaborative innovation depends on the ability of enterprises to harness their business challenges into opportunities to attract the right startups to solve it. Such engagements need to accomplish the mutual partnership objectives and measurable outcomes across all the touch-points of engagement.

IAP offers an innovation centred omni-channel digital hub that enables internal innovation teams, business and marketing teams, startups, scouts, mentors and leadership teams to work together cohesively across the globe to leverage others’ knowledge base and experiences and achieve disruptive innovation.

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IAP - Key Benefits Across The Challenge-Apply-Pitch-Pilot-Scale Cycle

Innovation Team

Business & Challenge Owners


Mentors & Partners



Leadership Team


Definition of the Challenge

  • Collaborate with other teams for Challenge management
  • Define start & end dates and budget for challenges
  • Categorize challenges by business category & units

Startup Application

  • Self-serve Registration & Application
  • Startup Profile Self-Creation & Maintenance
  • Product & Service Portfolio Showcase
  • Self-Assessment & Qualification
  • Track to Closure
  • Customer Management

Enrolment of Startups

  • Automatically send out notifications to selected and non-selected startups
  • Approve and activate pilots
  • Generate completed applications

Creation of Knowledge Base

  • Global directory of Startups for internal stakeholders
  • Startups ratings and reviews with qualitative feedbacks
  • Startups re-engagement across the enterprise’s global network
  • Run hackathons, networking sessions and competitions
  • Share Innovation insights & know-hows
  • Push community updates to keep the pulse going
  • Share articles and news about the community
  • Publish insights and whitepapers

Marketing the Challenge

  • Easy workflows for discovery, publishing and marketing of challenges
  • Market challenges and other artefacts to internal and external audience
  • Create a buzz by sharing challenges on social media
  • Prepare and execute marketing drip campaigns.
  • Run targeted campaigns using rich, mobile-first HTML templates
  • Create and manage subscriber lists.
  • Monitor and measure page traffic and user flow.

Qualification of Startups

  • Startup Repository of applied challenges with taxonomy search filters management
  • Collaboratively evaluate & select startups


  • Identify and enrol Mentors
  • Match-make Mentors and Startups
  • Provide Tech & Financial Mentorship
  • Private Ratings & Reviews of Startups
  • Market success stories as case studies

Market Success

  • Maximize innovation events by planning and showcasing success
  • Run campaigns / drip campaigns for generating buzz
  • Event Attendance Management
  • Monetize select events by enabling payment*
  • Showcase successful pilots and partnerships
  • Advertise event highlights

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