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How to achieve rapid digital business transformation?
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This case study describes how we have helped our client with a rapid transformation of its business model from brick & mortar education business to a Personalized Open Online Courses (PooC) business with heightened sales & marketing tracking & customer engagement, by implementing a futuristic Social Customer Engagement Management capabilities, deployed on our Social CRM enabled digital business transformation platform.

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Our customer, one of the largest Edutrust certified Private Education Institute (PEI) in Singapore for working professionals, provides professional training and education programs in Singapore and Asia. It has been a brick & mortar educational institution which has evolved over the last two decades with a strong purpose of training professional talents supported by a well-defined mentoring network. The secret for its success lies in its ability to continuously Learn, Innovate & Grow, while working with leading Universities and Schools to provide “just in time” blended learning and competency based training.

Today, they operate in 7 countries and work with leading universities and schools to make their courses available across different regions. Talent placement becomes a complementary service to them as they work closely with enterprises to train/retrain staff in work related competencies.

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According to an Industry report published by SPRING Singapore, the Private Education Industry contributes a value-add of over S$2.7billion (0.8% of the GDP) annually and is growing, while the global education business is US$2.2trillion annually. Singapore has 6,182 educational establishments and they continue to grow. It is estimated that there is going to be 7.2million international students by 2025 and 70% of global demand for international higher & professional education is going to come from Asia.

While we keep this big picture in view, the industry players recognise the fact that even the education industry is going through disruption & transformation. MOOC (Massive open online courses) have created plenty of enthusiasm among people , especially those who are learning just for knowledge gaining purposes. Even large educational institutions like MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) have conducted future looking studies and learned that long-term challenges exist for every university in the world and it will be on account of the rising cost of education, combined with the transformative potential of online teaching and learning technologies. As a pilot program, MIT offered five subjects in a blended or online setting.

MOOC comes with its own set of shortcomings such as lack of motivation for people to complete a course, one-size fits all type of courses, one-to-many broadcasting type of classes and less interactive & blended learning capabilities. POOC (Participatory / Personalised Online Open Course ) is the super variant of MOOC which is emerging because of the market forces caused by institutions, investors and the new Gen Z & Millennials liking for blended learning in a social-media environment. It has digitally transformed the learning process through collaboration & engagement with peers, learning facilitators, subject matter experts, mentors and work place supervisors. PooC also brings the framework of EASE, (Econtent, Activity, Support and Evaluate), which allows all participants to benefit from it fully.

In line with the market dynamics happening in the education industry, our client has set itself on the path to transform its business to be the leading PooC provider and needed the following business capabilities to be established:

  • Ability to deliver CLaaS - Competency Learning as a Service.
  • Ability to develop Skilled Talents just in time through ClaaS and by providing Learning @ Workplace.
  • To increase its footprint in Asia Pacific.

The above business needs translates to the key operational needs as follows

  • Create awareness with locale specific courses/content through online marketing.
  • Ability to simplify and connect multi-location geo-sales, marketing and admission team in a seamless manner across centralised course repository.
  • Provide persona based customer / sales fulfilment traversal on the online ecosystem.
  • Ability to introduce personalised modular learning and automate training selection processes.
  • Ability to centralize all the teaching assets, so that it can facilitate online learning facilities.
  • Ability to scale its business across Asia with multiple language capabilities.
  • Ability to drive the business with various performances measuring metrics.

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Our Social CRM platform with its business processes implemented for our client's organization has been well aligned with the main objective of offering “just in time, blended & competency based learning without boundaries” through the following tactical approaches.

  • Drive more traffic to the website – Transformed online presence coupled with engagement tools at finger tips drives more traffic and visitors to the website.
  • Guiding visitors with relevant insights and logical flow – Learners (who reach through inbound marketing) can research, select, compare and be on boarded across a seamless flow.
  • Faster selling capabilities with minimum human assets – Automated processes help visitors to select a course based on their competency needs and pace at which they want pursue.
  • Operational excellence – Minimizes human interaction across the organization with the automated business process being faster and smoother, thereby enabling seamless information flow across multiple teams and different operational aspects resulting into enhanced user experience.
  • Student Ambassadors – The online interaction platform allows the student and potential students to share and learn from the experience.
  • Intangible Asset – The community of learners is an asset to the organization as it provides a pool of invaluable references & testimonials while being a marketing engine for further share of wallet.
  • Multiply the business exponentially – Able to scale the business to any country and manage business and content country wise.
  • Better engagement management – While managing relationship with students, the platform is loaded with tools and features to enhance the engagement management. For example: Reactive selling, Cloud telephony, Past visit history, Templates etc.
  • Lead management to Sales fulfilment – Fully automated lead management with the ability to convert into pipeline forecast and then sales fulfilment with e- signing and online payment. It helps to have decentralised sales team working in a centralised manner - global yet local touch!
  • Centralized repository – Manage all documents and learning assets centrally and share it in a secured environment based on roles including with external stakeholders, in this case students.
  • JobXchange – enabling complementary job placement services online and enabling employers to spot talent.
  • Enriched by Dashboards and Analytics – The stakeholder / management bird’s eye view of the sales, marketing , sales fulfilment, online traffic and many other relevant metrics.

As of today the client is operating in 7 Asian countries, having managed 12,802 graduates, with 8,966 learners awarded qualification and certificates regionally. In order to achieve business transformations and goals of this scale & nature, organisations would need a comprehensive business process and technology enabled Social CRM platform.

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