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Omni Channel Social Commerce

How to achieve rapid digital business transformation?

Collaborative Innovation

How to benefit from it?

Future Of Work

How to prepare your organisation to ride this wave?

Sambaash Social CRM

  • Digital & Social Marketing Activation

    Making the customer evolution journey reach its destination is possible only when the relevant digital and marketing expertise catalyses the technology towards the goal. Allow us to be of help with our expertise.

  • Effective Virtual Sales & Marketing Team 24/7

    Imagine a virtual team at your disposal 24/7 ; a virtual team which acts as a sales & marketing engine fuelling your growth. Sambaash Social CRM makes it possible.

  • "Future of Work" - A Connected, Productive Environment

    The workplace is undergoing transformation . You need to make it a fun and productive environment to work virtually while securing and harnessing your company knowledge bank. Sambaash Social CRM makes it happen.

  • Comprehensive Business Insights on Demand

    Insights are the head lamps, the rear view and the side mirrors that sheds light on the direction that the businesses is headed including keeping a tab on the key performance indicators through business dashboards.

  • Our Unique Customer Evolution Methodology Geared for your Success

    Knowing your customer is important ; equally important is the journey of getting your potential customer to know your business. And herein lies our differentiation - our own home-brewed unique customer evolution methodology.

  • Leverage "Open Innovation" to Harness Disruption

    Disruptive Innovation has become the norm. Imagine the ability to harness "multitudes of VC funded research and technology" at a fraction of a cost through open innovation on Sambaash Social CRM.

  • SaaS on an Extendable Multi-Tenancy Cloud

    Enjoy the benefits of scale of economy, security and robustness through the SaaS model and scale the technology platform on a pay-per-use basis as per your business growth.


Showcasing sambaash client stories CASE STUDIES

Omni Channel Social Commerce

How to achieve rapid digital business transformation?

Leverage our expertise on the transformation of a leading EduTech company into a omni-channel, real-time sales organisation.

Collaborative Innovation

How to benefit from it?

Learn about our journey with a Fortune 50 company on harnessing disruptive innovation.

Future Of Work

How to prepare your organisation to ride this wave?

Get to know the benefits of establishing an employee social network for your organisation.


Let's help you succeed in achieving exponential growth with our unique Social CRM methodology that suits businesses of varying maturity of web presence & size.

  • SC

    Social Commerce

    Leverage & embrace social networks for the purpose of eCommerce

  • RS

    Reactive Selling

    Influence instant buying by making relevant recommendations to the visitor

  • DR

    Digital Repository

    Store information generated across the enterprise and share it securely & selectively on a need basis

  • TM

    Trademarks Management

    Manage and collaborate on corporate trademarks in a secure manner across & outside the enterprise

  • CE

    Customer Experience

    Enthral your customer through design thinking approach

  • OI

    Open Innovation

    Leverage venture funded innovation to your benefit

  • DM

    Drip Marketing

    Captivate your audience through "bite" sized stories

  • EM

    Event Management

    Manage your events end-to-end from marketing to registration onto attendance, linked to membership

  • CB

    Community Building

    Create and foster a community of members to identfy influencers and advocates

  • PF

    Product Factory

    A seameless, single product repository for your marketing, sales and operational teams

  • FP

    Fulfillment Processes

    Make the customer journey from the web, seamless across your operations

  • CL

    Competency Learning

    Deliver enhanced skills through competency based learning

  • EC

    Employee Collaboration

    Deploy a collaborative capability for enhanced working environment across the team

  • JX

    Job Xchange

    Harness the power of social technologies to match opportunities with resources having requisite competencies & skill-sets

  • GF


    Gamify the participation and contribution to build an active, thriving community

  • AI

    Analytics & Insights

    Analyse and obtain insights on the progress and areas of growth of your business


Unifying marketing communication & online presence to align it with business objectives & goals is very important, when it comes to Digital & Social Marketing. We use the following framework to to design & implement a comprehensive digital & social marketing strategy, so that your company gets the best ROI from every CLICK.

  • Discover

    Our research process is an inquiry into business requirments and objectives, marketplace trends, brand reputation, competition, audience stakeholders, and marketing channels.

  • Align

    We set the strategy to hit business goals - not just to create marketing activity. Then we develop the brand story and overarching creative platform. From these, we define success measures.

  • Launch

    Many of our marketing and social media programs are launched as low-cost agile pilots for testing and learning. Our launch setup process includes developing the brand platform and assets.

  • Execute

    Builds brand platforms, manage social media interaction and content programs. We generate monthly reports on people, activities, and engagement as well as website traffic, web store traffic and sales.

  • Adapt

    We evaluate our marketing programs against goals, adapting plans in real time and scaling up initiatives based on results. We also recommend ways to tie into and amplify other marketing initiatives.

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