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Why do we need Marketing 2.0?



The existence of Marketing 2.0 implies there was (and still is) Marketing 1.0, so the obvious question arises as to 

what is the difference. Bernie Borges aptly says that if we “characterize Marketing 1.0 as being intrusive, interruptive, and a style of one-way shouting at our customers (outbound marketing), we can characterize Marketing 2.0 as being about conversations, collaboration, communities, and word of mouth (inbound marketing).”


Unfortunately, many organizations still don’t get the ideal grasp of what really is Marketing 2.0.
For most companies, Marketing 2.0 means creating a twitter account, a facebook profile, and a LinkedIn account, etc.  



This brilliant illustration by Tom Fishburne (google Marketoonist - great website!) is not a far cry from what transpires in most organizations. In order to revamp their marketing strategies, the executives come up with a (not so) ground-breaking marketing plan which primarily entails making their presence felt on social media. Having 200,000 “likes” on Facebook might massage their ego for a while and they can comfort themselves with  it, but that does little towards generating revenue or getting clients. This brings us to identifying the first problem - Objective!


To deal with this situation, organizations must first have a clear view of what they want to achieve with their marketing plan. For example, if you want to create a Twitter account, by all means, do so. But one must ask ‘why?’
 - Is it to facilitate inbound marketing?
 - Will using appropriate hashtags ensure that their tweets have a wider reach?
 - Is following the right people on twitter that important?
 - Will the tweets ensure lead generation?

Marketers must constantly ask these questions and seek answers while implementing their twitter strategy to ensure that business grows otherwise one would hear crickets chirping rather than birds tweeting!

The other problem marketers face is choosing the right medium to market their product. With a plethora of marketing medium, organizations are excited at exploring the medium itself. But in the process, they are losing their message. This paradigm-shift can often prove to be detrimental to an organization’s progress and they fail to meet the desired results.
Marketing 2.0 requires an understanding of the new communication landscape so that organizations can wisely choose the ideal tool of marketing. For example, mobile marketing could be a great idea for some organizations but if some other organization uses it, they might actually be spamming their customers’ mobiles.


Once the strategy is in order, what the organization should expect are results - basic information such as the number of people read their tweets/facebook status updates/pins or the traffic to the official website, etc. A lot of organizations know what they want, but might not know how to get it... It could be because they don’t have access to analytical tools to measure their progress or they just don’t think in this direction. Either ways, it’s an important aspect in Marketing 2.0 and should not be overlooked.
Websites like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck help marketers can keep track of their marketing campaigns and if needed, amend their strategies based on the results.


But in my eyes, there is more to Marketing 2.0! I believe it’s about harnessing a community feeling - a platform where enterprises and industries provide a platform to their stakeholders to share their opinion, to interact (not only with the community owners but amongst themselves too!), and to gain from the collective wisdom of all the community members. But I shall hold my thoughts till my next blog...

Ritesh Sharma was a Technical Writer for Cognizant Technology Solutions Ltd in India before coming to Singapore for his Masters in Mass Comm. It was then that the marketing bug bit him - especially digital marketing. He is now handling Marketing for sambaash Pvt Ltd, a fast-growing private company that offers industry leading SaaS-based Online Community products for various enterprises and industries.


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